Focus & Scope

JPI (Jurnal Pariwisata Indonesia) is an open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publication in tourism research, with a focus on the application of tourism science to the Indonesian tourism industry. JPI maintains its contribution to scholarships in tourism science in Indonesia. JPI invites writings from various disciplines to contribute to literature on tourism science. JPI invites manuscripts in three main topics but is not limited to:


Each study focuses on the hospitality industry, including marketing management in the hospitality industry, restaurants, quality assurance, Policy and Regulation of Hospitality, Human Resources, and related topics in the hospitality industry (such as operational departments on hotel)


Each study focuses on culinary development in tourism, innovation in the culinary business, Gastronomy, Herbs, Spices, Traditional Food, Cultural Food Studies, Food Product, Bakery and Pastry, Food Packaging and Product Development, Food Product Branding and Marketing, Education and Training, Nutrition of Food Product, Regulation and Policy Food and Product.


Each study focuses on destination development, including Policy for Destination Planning, Tour Industry, accessibility, and Infrastruktur Destination, Ticketing on destination Policy, Destination marketing, tourist behavior, travel patterns, and related topics on destination development (such as Sustainable Tourism Development Low Carbon Destination, Halal tourism, Community-based Tourism, Nature-based Tourism, Creative Tourism, Social Media for Tourism Marketing, Smart Tourism)